Make the laundry room, your favourite room

Make the laundry room, your favourite room

We are all busy. We all have a millions tasks to complete in a day and for me staying on top of work, home life, and a social life it can sometimes feel overwhelming and its easy to get off balance.

I have found over the years these simple solutions help keep me on the right track for success.

Success for me isn’t just about my career, its about having a well balanced life and happiness!

So ill let you in on my secrets. ( they’re not secret) but the trick is to be consistent. When I feel like life is starting to spiral or I’m getting in over my head I go back to the basics.

#1 – Eat healthy! I know I know everyone says it.Thats because its TRUE! Im not talking about eating like rabbit forever but its all about balance.

When I am really busy with work and taking care of my family some days I forget to eat!! My husband thinks I’m insane but for me when my mind is going and I’m worrying about all these things that life gives us in a day, I will get home for dinner time and realize I have not given my body any fuel. Then comes the Hangry! So, to avoid the hungry or sluggish feelings we sometimes get, give your body and mind fuel to perform its best. Trust me it makes a difference.

#2- Morning routine. Spend your mornings doing what will set you up for success for the rest of the day. This will look different for everyone. Some people read, jog, yoga, even just waking up early to sip your coffee in complete silence. Take some you time and you will feel like the energizer bunny for the rest of your day!

#3- Sleep. This one is tough to do sometimes, especially if you have a very demanding schedule, children or you stay up late bingeing on Netflix ( I do that way too much ). So I know we would all like to have more time catching z’s so we need to make that time. Set a bed time and follow through. For me my evening routine is an hour before bed I slowly start shutting down my day. I turn off the TV, I sip on some hot tea, and read this prepares me for a better more solid sleep.

#4 – Prep for tomorrow. I love the changes this process made in my life. I started using a handwritten agenda (yes like the ones from elementary) and every evening I sit down for a quick 5 minute prep session for the next day. I write out the tasks that need to be done, appointments I may have, calls I need to make etc… You get the picture. By doing this I save myself a ton of time and stress. I sleep better knowing I already know what I have tomorrow and I am organized. No laying in bed at all hours worrying if I forgot something or telling myself “don’t forget to do ____ tomorrow”.

This also allows me that special time in the morning I take for myself to relax and get ready for my day.

#5 – Me time! I love to play sports and I am always involved in one activity or another. This time is just for me. for example I play volleyball 1-2x a week and that time is so important. I get to take off all my hats ( mom, Realtor, wife,cook,taxi service, cleaner…) and I get to burn some energy, have some fun, and visit with friends. It is a huge stress reliever. You need time for yourself to relax you enjoy your passion or you’ll start to get burnt out. So whatever activity brings you joy, make time for that every week.